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7 mm Remington Magnum

.25-06 Remington

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On this sites I want dedicate reloading of 7 mm Remington Magnum.I use for try reloading cartridges sniper rifle Remington 700 Sendero with 26" barrel, twist rate 1:9¼" , handmade stock. For reloading I use LEE die.

photo by ActionZone.cz

Original brass cases from Remington manufacturing are practically identical like cases from PMC manufacturing. On their reweigh are differences about 1-3 grains. Also material is same quality and hard.After fourth reloading began crack necks, so I burnt him and now not cracking. From different original cases from Winchester manufacturing, which not cracking. On 300 yds is different about 3,15" and same load like PMC or Remington cases. Different in shooting make primers, czech from S&B and CCI 250 LRM. On using czech primers are hits on 300 yds near 3" up than primers CCI. Auditioned am further cases from these firm: Federal, Norma, RWS and Prvi Partizan. All cartridge case goes completely in the same way, excepting RWS - and you goes about 5 cm height and left and hit on 100 yds is 2" .

For the varmint game is the best 140 gr bullet, but for the big game is it 160 gr bullet for velocity about 3000 ft/s. Powder for big game is the best H 4831 for all types of bullets. For the heavily bullet is the best H 1000. For benchrest on 1000 yds is the best H 4350 and IMR - 4350.

I would be want attention, that all tests was in 2625 ft. above sea level, on 66F and shooting was from mild hill. I tried five various types of powders. I used in my scope magnifying 22x.

Accurate 4350

At this powder I used load 54 gr, bullet 168 gr Sierra MatchKing, primer Federal LR Magnum, OAL 3,28".
Hits on 200 yds 3-shots group was 1,18" and 5-shots group was 3,54".

Accurate 8700

I used load 73 gr, bullet 168 gr Sierra MatchKing, primer Federal LR Magnum, OAL 3,28".
Hits on 200 yds was 3-shots group 1,96" and 5-shots group was 4,72". Powder 8700 is the most slowest in burning (burning rate chart), feeling on shooting was worst, this kick I didn't experience.

Accurate 3100

Now I use this powder.He has same hits like N-160, but he is cheaply. On 300 yds I have hits for 3-hits group 1,18" and 100 yds I have hits 4-shots group 0,8".
Load is 59 gr, bullet 168 gr Sierra MatchKing,(here you can download table of ballistic coeficient of Sierra and A-Square bullets, important for influence of wind on bullet or their comparations with other bullets), OAL is 3,28", primer Federal LR Magnum, velocity is 2641 ft/s, it is 131 ft/s less than recommending velocity. Here you are looking on hit in 400 m.
Other load is 59 gr, bullet 162 gr Hornady A - MAX, primer CCI 250 LRM, OAL is 3,28".Velocity is 2755 ft/s, but on 100 yds is less by 290 ft/s. I tried 60 gr load and hits are twice biggest and on 100 yds hits are by 1,57" up.

Vihtavuori N-160

This powder is great!I use load 56 gr, bullet Sierra MatchKing 168 gr, primer Federal LR Magnum, OAL is 3,28".
Hits on 200 yds are 3-shots group 0,78" and 5-shots group was 2,75", but this hits I made by my hands.

Vihtavuori N-165

I tried five charges, bullet Nosler Ballistic Tip 140 grs, OAL 3,33", primer WLRM. On 100 yds I had 3-hits group : 61,4 grs - 0,79", 65,0 grs - 0,31", 67,7 grs - 1,18", 69,5 grs - 2,36", 72,5 grs - cracked case!

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Here you can download reloading and training manuals

Complete reloading manual
Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester
Hodgdon reduced
IMR reduced
Lost River

Scout Platoon
Visual Signals
Survival, Evasion and Recovery
Sniper Training
Map Reading and Land Navigation
An Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built-up Areas
Jungle Operations
Ranger Handbook

Other load

Finding other loads is big problem, because few people this caliber reloading. So next data are not verify.I searched this loads for 26" barrel with 1:10" twist rate and primers CCI 250. This bullets are heavy than 140 gr, but directions (table of twist rate) show different bullet for 1:10" twist rate.In table are two powders, that are blended. I don't know how they will respond, because they have different time of burning.

Speer145grs85% S385+ 15% S36567 grs3,26"3241 ft/s
Nosler140grs85% S385+ 15% S36566 grs3,27"3251 ft/s
Nosler160grs85% S385+ 15% S36562 grs3,24"3100 ft/s
GS Custom140grs85% S385+ 15% S36567 grs3,27"3304 ft/s
Hornady162grs85% S385+ 15% S36563 grs3,22"3100 ft/s

Other load for 24" barrel with 1:10" twist rate, primer CCI 250 and bullets from PMP manufacturing (RSA).

PMP ProAmm170grs50% S385+ 50% S36560 grs3,11"2838 ft/s
PMP ProAmm170grs50% S385+ 50% S36561 grs3,11"2897 ft/s
PMP ProAmm170grs50% S385+ 50% S36562 grs3,11"2982 ft/s

Next loads are very good. It was shoot by Browning rifle with 24" barrel. Primers Winchester LRM. Measuring velocities are less than in official reloading manuals. Hits are on 100 yds in 3-shots group. All bullets are moly.

7 mm Remington Magnum Moly
Hodgdon 483170grs2926 ft/s0,74"Sierra 100HP
71,5 grs3022 ft/s0,99"
73 grs3094 ft/s1,17"
74,5 grs3208 ft/s0,86"
76 grs3317 ft/s0,97"
77,5 grs3406 ft/s0,47"
79 grs3504 ft/s0,52"
80,5 grs3556 ft/s0,57"
Vihtavuori N-16573 grs3179 ft/s0,59"Nosler 120 Ballistic Tip
74,5 grs3225 ft/s0,70"
76 grs3346 ft/s0,93"
77,5 grs3383 ft/s0,61"
79 grs3465 ft/s1,30"
65 grs2726 ft/s0,69"Nosler 140 Ballistic Tip
66,5 grs2782 ft/s0,61"
68 grs2854 ft/s0,48"
69,5 grs2946 ft/s0,39"
71 grs3009 ft/s0,80"
72,5 grs3117 ft/s0,28"
74 grs3182 ft/s0,88"
Hodgdon 100074 grs2979 ft/s
75,5 grs3061 ft/s
77 grs3110 ft/s
78,5 grs3127 ft/s
Hodgdon 87079 grs2851 ft/sSwift 160 A-Frame
80,5 grs2904 ft/s
82 grs2986 ft/s

                       Other table with loads, you can download


. Other page with loads Realguns.com.

On this site is anything for "marksmen", which hate "tangos". I don't take the consequences with a using terminal ballistics.

Using of range web

To illustrate this concept the following table shows how the Ballistic Plex reticle performs with a 7mm Rem Mag, 140 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, at 3200 fps.
The Sight In distance in the table above is the exact distance at which the bullet will strike exactly at the point of aim using the corresponding reference bar. The data shown in this example was determined by computing the optimum sight in distance so that Bar # 3 will be right on at 500 yards. Notice that Bar # 2 is very close to being on at 400 yards, and Bar # 4 is very close to being on at 600 yards. This example is a very practical configuration for the long range hunter. At longer distances (Bars # 2, 3, and 4) the accuracy of the sight reference bar is very important. Bar # 2 will be on at 378 yards, 4 inches high at 322 yards, and 4 inches low at 419 yards. Likewise Bar # 3 will be on at 500 yards with a +/- 4 inch range of 467 to 528 yards. Bar # 4 will be on at 624 yards with a +/- 4 inch range of 602 to 644 yards. At shorter distances, the main cross hair can be used to 241 yards where it will be 4 inches low. Bar # 1 can be used to 303 yards where it will be 4 inches low.


CrossOptimal rangeDistance
Main cross135 yds0 - 241 yds
Bar#1235 yds0 - 303 yds
Bar#2378 yds322 - 419 yds
Bar#3500 yds467 - 528 yds
Bar#4624 yds602 - 644 yds

For quick calculation range distance serve EXBAL Ballistic Calculator, that is very good for snipers with scopes Burris with reticle Ballistic Plex, Nightforce with reticle NP-R2 and other scopes with reticle Mil Dot.
Leupold USMC and ARMY Mil Dot
USMC Mil Dot  Army Mil dot

USMC Mildot  Army Mildot

Leupold Tactical Milling Reticle
TMR .223R - .308W  TMR detail

TMR .300WM - .338LM

Leupold Varmint Hunter's and Boone and Crockett Big Game
Varmint Hunters  Boone and Crockett Big Game

Leupold Special Purpose Reticle

Hakko Mil Dot
Hakko Mil Dot

Swarovski TDS
Swarovski TDS

For calculation ballistic quality of cartridges is possible use other programs like Ballistica 2006 , PointBlank or Ballistic calculator.

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